As the year draws to a close, you may be thinking of quitting your job for something better or a change in environment, but it’s best to hold your horses – at least during December.


Major sectors, such as infocommunication services as well as professional and business services, traditionally slow down hiring this month, human resource consultants say, as companies shift their focus to preparing end-of-year financial reports and planning for the new year. Fewer vacancies mean fewer opportunities. Your dream job may not be available during this time and it is not advisable for you to settle for anything less. It is best to wait it out and explore your options in the meantime.


Many companies pay the annual wage supplement and if you have worked through the most part of the year, you should stay around in December to collect that so-called 13th month bonus. It is not compulsory for employers to pay AWS and payment depends on what is stated in your employment contract or collective agreement. Many employees, however, should be able to get that little extra to help with the Christmas and New Year spending.


Many companies will take the opportunity to organise parties and appreciation dinners for staff, business partners and clients who have supported them over the year. Take this opportunity to network and meet new people. For all you know, these social gatherings could potentially land you your next job. You can learn more about the nature of work in various industries, get an insight on the specific job you are after, or discreetly find out more about the workplace culture of the company you are interested in joining. Make time to meet new contacts as well as catch up with old ones before making the next move on your career ladder. With some luck, the next opening could be served to you on a silver platter through a chat.


Why call it quits in December when the year-end festive mood puts most people in better spirits? As offices deck out their spaces with decorations and stuff the stockings under the Christmas tree, your colleagues will seem friendlier than usual and your workload will feel lighter. Some companies may hold office celebrations and take the opportunity to strengthen team bonding. Also, the weekends are packed with gatherings with friends and family, and the good vibes may follow you back to the office.


The year-end lull will give you time to reflect on your job and plan ahead. Perhaps it’s not as bad as you have thought. What can you do to make the environment better for yourself? Perhaps you should have a face-to-face chat with your supervisor rather than heading for the exit. For all you know, there could be many ways to work around the problems you face at work. You could end up resolving your concerns, and with some luck, even get a pay raise.

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