@AIMs We believe in forging a lasting, 3-way mutually-beneficial working relationship between the following parties:

The Institute

Are you receiving overpriced quotations for ICT talents? Do you enjoy working with your current incumbent but are at loss on how to work with his/her existing agency?

At AiMS, we understand the importance for you to strike a balance between having a capable staff on-board and maintaining a healthy budget.

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The ICT Talent

Disappointed with little recognition? Hence, poor increments from the agency representing you?

Fret not! At AiMS, we understand how important it is to you. To that extent, we want to take the opportunity to work with you and help you achieve your career ambitions!

Contact us today and arrange for a no-obligations discussion with our talent development consultant!

AiMS are led and staffed by professionals with a combined more-than-40 years of experience in the ICT-Education field. AiMS has developed a highly-efficient workflow and strategy. Unlike other agencies, AiMS only focuses on ICT talents in schools. Meaning that all our resources and efforts can be expanded upon this singular focus.

The result of this is that we are able to offer a more attractive remuneration package to the ICT talent, and yet at the same time ensure costs remain affordable for the institute. Giving ICT talent only the best value for his/her services, and giving institutes only the best value for their money spent.

At AiMS, we know what both ICT talent and the institute want, and we work tirelessly to make it a reality every day.