What is Content Development?

Content development is the process of creating online content which is then systematically uploaded onto a Learning Management System (LMS).

An LMS is a web-based system that allows institutions to provide training resources for their audience.

These resources uploaded to the LMS can refer to videos, images, audio clips, etc.

The increasing popularity of Content Development

There are many reasons for developing content online, especially in this digital age where many people have at least one digital device.

Many school institutions and companies alike are realising the value of Content Development, like the convenience and other benefits it brings along.

What Are The Benefits of Developing Content?

There are many practical benefits of why you should develop your content online. Here are some of the top benefits of Content Development.

1. You only need to create the materials and upload it onto your LMS once

Contrary to carrying out physical training sessions for your employees or students, you only need to create the content once, and it will be saved in the database forever.

This can let you upskill an unlimited number of employees without needing to constantly teach a session or produce new material. In the long run, this helps contribute to sustainability efforts as well.

This is arguably what makes e-resources so valuable. Once these resources are created, they live on forever.

2. Content Development is easier than you think

In this digitised age, there are many tools that you can use to help you create content for your institution.

For example, ACP Computer has eLearning Content Authoring Tools like Articulate 360 to assist you in developing the content you want. You can also use videos, images, and audio files in your content.

Furthermore, there are templates that you can use if you require some assistance with the design aspect of your content.

3. Low cost

The costs incurred in the initial creation of the content is once-off. Once you have it uploaded onto the LMS, your audience can access it anytime, anywhere. There is also no restriction on the number of times they can view it.

As mentioned earlier, you will require fewer physical resources like notes and tutors to conduct training sessions. This not only helps your organisation save costs but also contributes to sustainability as well.

4. More engaged learning

Say goodbye to bored employees that sit through training courses or students who cannot keep up with the pace of the lessons. With the ability to re-watch existing content, learners can learn at their own pace, which makes learning so much easier.

Furthermore, when the content is uploaded onto a Learning Management System (LMS), learners can engage in forum discussions that can make learning so much more fun!


Developing content is not as hard as it used to be, where one needed to possess extreme technical knowledge about coding or web development.

In this digital age, anyone can develop their content, with the help of eLearning Content Authoring Tools such as Articulate 360. 

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