To build long-lasting, 3-way mutually-beneficial working relationships between clients, ICT talents, and AIMs, making for highly satisfied clients and talents, in order to enhance the ICT-Education scene of the future.



Efficient, Effective, Honest


Business Model

We aim to be disrupters of an inefficient status quo between institutes, ICT talents, and manpower agencies.

By working efficiently, effectively, and honestly, we lower administrative costs so as to help ICT talents get due recompense, and to help institutes get the most out of their dollar whilst retaining/obtaining a capable and talent ICT professional.

To do so, we aim to be the agency to turn to for manpower renewals, and for new ICT manpower staffing.




A new start-up founded by a team of experienced ICT technopreneurs, AIMs (or the Asia Innovatory Management School) was set-up to cater to the growing demand for ICT talents in the local education scene.

The ever-increasing push towards a high-tech future means that the children of today must be equipped to create, innovate, and modify the technologies of tomorrow. As children, they will need the proper guidance and environments to nurture and cultivate such a forward-thinking mind-set, so that they are ready to shape and navigate the world of the future.

With that in mind, the AIMs team set out to gather the ICT talents of Singapore under one umbrella, with two entwined goals in mind:

  1. That the ICT talents of today be given the opportunities to develop and enhance their skills and passions.
  2. That the ICT talents of tomorrow be given the opportunities to learn and develop their dreams and aspirations.

At AIMs, we believe that building the present builds the future, and we invite all to be a part of our foray!